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I found some medical conditions that can cause lymphadenopathy.
there are many reasons as to why a lymphnode can enlarge. enlarged lymphnodes are more commonly caused by disease and less chances of it being a malignancy.
but the patient who has the lump has a million worries going thru our minds. I too was in the same shoes you are now in.
I worried from the moment I found the lump on my neck till I got the results back and now STILL worry because the node they removed is now back again and is palpable. My diagnosis yrs ago was " atypical follicular lymhoid hyperplasia" they sent the biopsy to two independant labs to make sure there wasn't only one pathologist reading it. it's very difficult to diagnose a lymphoma being there are over 30 different subtypes.
some really look like a malignancy and it's very tedious for the pathologist to not make a mistake in diagnosis.
here is a list of some diseases that can cause our lymph nodes to swell.

hope this is of some help to others too:

Evaluation of Suspected Causes of Lymphadenopathy

Mononucleosis-type syndromes
atypical lymphocytosis
Epstein-Barr virus*
Toxoplasmosis* 80 to 90% of patients are asymptomatic
Initial stages of HIV infection*
Cat-scratch disease
Pharyngitis due to group A streptococcus, gonococcus
Tuberculosis lymphadenitis*
Hepatitis B*
Lupus erythematosus*
Rheumatoid arthritis*
Lymphoma* Fever, night sweats, weight loss in 20 to 30% of patients
Serum sickness*
Kawasaki disease*
Less common causes of lymphadenopathy
Lyme disease*
Typhoid fever*
Still's disease*

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