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Hello, I am interested in some of your opinions or maybe similar experiences. My daughter has had a 2.7cm lymph node in the posterior neck area that she did have a CT scan on 6-14-07. This was after having had this node since last Nov 06 and it started to grow or be uncomfortable in March of this year. She had been to reg doc 2x and put on augmentin because it was still getting bigger. During the middle of the course of antiobiotics it grew to the 2.7cm size overnight (I swear). We finally got her to the ENT and he had the CAT ordered. She has night sweats, is very fatigued and doesn't eat well (but she is a picky teenage girl). The CT stated that there were "multiple bilateral lymph nodes running up and down the neck. The largest oen is demonstrating mild peripheral enhancement & probable central necrosis. It is physically palpable lesion as noted by the marker on the left neck and measures approx. 2.7cm." It was also in his notes that she had one in mid left neck of approxmately 12mm which at this time has grown as well, about as big as my thumb and a 3rd has now popped up overnight I swear which is pea size. All in this same area. She had a FNA and the results were a reactive lymph but a persistent node should be taken out. Well it's been there since Nov 06 so I'd say it's persistent!! We are taking her to another doctor this week but these 3 nodes are getting bigger, her blood work says she's somewhat anemic, her wbc is in the lower range so if it were an infection I'd think that was elevated. She has high count of monocytes that are marked as a red flag on her blood work. BUT she has tested negative for mono, tuberculosis, CMV, toxoplasmosis, all of that stuff so I think it has to do with lymphoma and just wondering if anyone else out there had similar symptoms and what they ended up having? I would appreciate any input!

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