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[QUOTE=Rachnzl;4683936]Hi all....

Just having some problems that are driving me nuts!

As of 2 weeks ago, one of my cervical lymph nodes(RHS) has grown to 1.2 inches(2.7+cm)... there are others smaller at 1.5cm on the same side.

I also have at least 5 enlarged Right supraclavicular nodes. These all showed up nicely on ultrasound, then contrast CT.
CT showed reactive lymph nodes, as did 4 FN biopsies of the large node.

Ive been having drenching night sweats for 4 weeks now, a low grade fever at night time, a dry cough, pain in the LHS neck where there are a couple of nodes swollen to 2cm.
There are 2 swollen nodes in my RHS groin.

My ct showed an enlarged thyroid which was tested & is functioning fine - also my spleen was on the very top end of whats considered normal (4 days ago) but now when I breathe in a have some discomfort under my LHS rib cage.

I'm having some rather impressive itching sessions which end with my skin still itchy & very swollen - they gave me antihistimine which isnt helping.

I've been tested for all viruses they thought appropriate - my monospot was neg but EBV came back positive.

My question is - can all this be attributed to EBV? I believe they are going to remove and biopsy my largest node in my neck but the waiting is killing me !!

Any advise would be greatly appreciated !
Thanks, Rach.[/QUOTE]

Sorry to hear ive been going through some of the same things you have. I had night sweats for two weeks they went away, i have some enlarged lymph nodes especially in my groin area some of them fell rubbery also my throat is starting to get some pain in it where the nodes are. My skin is also very itchy i havnt had really any low grade fevers or loss of weight. I started seeing an oncologist had the blood work done all normal except an positive mono spot test. So im seeing another specialist to have my lymph nodes biopsied. What sucks is ive been sick for 7 years now with aches and pains i had millions of test run came back all normal. These new symptoms just started about two months ago. I did have high ebv before but didn't have the symptoms i do now . So im in dark here as well.

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