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I am 22 years old and otherwise healthy black female. Over the past two years I have felt a lymph node growing in my left groin. After having an ultrasound on it twice it showed that it did grow and is now just over 3cm. My surgeon wants to completely remove it and after doing a CT with contrast dye scan it shows multiple enlarged lymph nodes on both sides of my groin and my abdomen. Also I have have been bruising frequently and my Doctor did a blood test and is now referring me to hematologist oncologist due to anemia and other elevated levels. I have not had any fever or night sweats, and the last time I had a fever was when I was a child. I don't think I have any serious symptoms that would lead my doctor to non Hodgkins lymphoma except for anemia, severe constipation, and chronic fatigue. Please if anyone can shed some light on this, I'm really hoping that its not non-Hodgkins lymphoma I will be getting the larger 3cm lymph node taken out in about 4 days so I would get the results in about a week or so I will post what they find. I've never been sick or have had surgery, I'm pretty scared to be honest and I'm hoping its nothing serious

I tried to find other infections that might cause swollen lymph nodes in my abdomen and both of sides of my groin and they are the Epstein Barr Virus ( Mono) and HIV and I've had a test for both which came out negative so I'm at a lost of what could be causing the swollen lymph nodes without an infection present.. my only reason left that it is non-hodgkins lymphoma but gain i will post the results

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