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about 2 months ago I had a rash appear right at my neckline on the right side. It grew inflamed and itched terribly. I then noticed I had several swollen lymph nodes and one that was quite large (size of a pecan) on my clavicle area. I went to the doctor and the NP immediately said it was an infection from the rash on my neck and prescribed antibiotics. I took the round of antibiotics and no improvement to the nodes.. I actually had more swell up... After a 2nd round of antibiotics and an antifungal cream for my neck, the nodes are still swollen. The NP ordered an ultrasound which confirmed enlarged lymph nodes. She then ordered CBC and it came back white count var but within range and red count low (anemia and B-12 deficient).... but the white count did NOT show infection.. I believe the rash on my neck is Psoriasis (it looks very similar to many images I have seen and it runs in my family)... I am 42yo and have had night sweats off and on for a couple of years (partial hysterectomy 7 years ago).. but recently they have been drenching... as well as different extremes, ie. freezing one minute, burning up the next...After the NP received the blood results she stated she wanted me to just monitor the nodes and see if they go down on their own. I point blank asked if it could possibly be Lymphoma and she said they could not rule that out at this point, but to think positive. The day after the blood results, the Dr. office called back and stated the culture they did on my neck (psoriasis) did show infection, they called in an antibiotic cream for me to use. After 3 days of use, the doctor contacted me herself today and asked if the nodes had gone down. I told her no, as a matter of fact, they were a little bigger. She is ordering a CT scan of the neck and chest. My mother is a 4 year breast cancer survivor, and my Aunt on my biological father's side, died at age 42 of breast cancer that was cured but not in time for it to re-locate itself into her colon. Other symptoms I am having, but have put off to "age" are... being tired (I am a mother of 5, 3 that live at home and I am a "single" parent on a part time basis because of my husbands career, he travels every 35 days internationally, as well as work full time myself)...severe leg and feet cramps (charlie horses and foot cramps that wake me from a sound sleep)...some forget-fullness (i AM 42 and have a very hectic schedule) easy bruising, and what I've always referred to as "liver spots" (small blood blisters under the skin) on my forearms..dizzy spells (which could be the anemia?) ... any suggestions from ANYONE? I have read that blood tests that "show" normal are NOT always accurate... having swollen nodes for over 2 months now is NOT normal... and if it was "infection" why did my white count not show infection? ...needless to say I am worried and also I am not one to sit around and WAIT to see what happens.. I am PRO-ACTIVE and PREVENTATIVE minded.. any input or thoughts would be greatly appreciated...

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