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Hi, I am 27 years old and about 3-4 months ago I discovered a skittle (With ruler, its right at 1cm) sized lump in my infraclavicular area on my left side. It 'sits' in what I call the triangle [I]pocket[/I] area below my left clavicle, just next to my shoulder, where the top of my pectoral stops. When I first discovered this lump, I asked two different nurses I know (One with 25+ years exp.) what they thought, and both of them kinda laughed at me being worried over it. They both said it was either a cyst or lymph node and that because of the size and being able to move it, I shouldn't be worried. The bump is moveable, if you put a little pressure on it, it will slide up, OVER the collar bone and pretty much sit on top of the bone until you remove your finger, then it will retract back into the triangle 'pocket' area. In the past four months the lump HAS NOT enlarged at all. It is not exactly squishy, but it's not rock hard either, it feels rubbery to an extent.

I have been unemployed for the past 4 months and have no health insurance. I have have no symptoms besides this bump. I have no fever, night sweats, and have actually gained almost 10lbs in the past few months due to exercise. My life is obviously more important than $, but I don't want to go down an expensive path if I have nothing to worry about. If this lump had grown any in the past 4 months, I would be very concerned and would have gone to the doctor.

Here is a picture of the area it's at. I took a pen and made two markings of the size of the lump. It's hard to see exactly, but right where you can see the clavicle bone, there are two dark hash marks, that's the distance from one side to another, with a ruler its right at 1cm or a little less. Thanks for any help.


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