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I will try to make this as concise as possibe. So, I have been ill for about two years with symptoms such as dizziness, anxiety for no reason, heart palpitations, irregular periods, photophobia, brain fog. One year ago they diagnosed me with Hashimoto's thyroiditis and hypothyroidism and started me on meds. Then about six months ago I also tested positive for the antibodies that cause Graves disease. This past April my neck lymph nodes swelled up noticeably for several weeks, were painless and I was not sick to my knowledge. No fever or respiratory/flu symptoms. I had an ultrasound which showed my thyroid as okay but a lymph node in right neck at 1.6 cm. The ENT did a FNA on it last week and said that while it didn't look obviously malignant, he felt we should proceed with excisional biopsy next week as he couldn't rule out a lymphoma. He said it might still be a reactive node but maybe not. Well I went to my PCP and asked for a copy of the report yesterday which said that it showed monomorphic lymphoid cells but additional tissue sample would be needed for additional information, including flow cytometry. It went on to say "It does not appear to be a reactive node". Everything I see on google points to lymphoma. Any thoughts or words of wisdom would be much appreciated.

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