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So, I have had an array of strange symptoms for the last 4 weeks and can't get ANY valid answers or any solid clean bill of health. I am an otherwise healthy 28 year old woman. When this all started I felt great. Was jogging 3 miles per day, had a lot of energy, No aches or pains. I was big on energy drinks and coffee. Not so much because I "needed" energy but because I love the taste of a good cup of coffee. Anyways, I started noticing that I was getting terrible headaches like immediately after consuming coffee or energy drinks. Not hours after like one would possibly get after the caffeine caused them to crash, but rather within a 15 minute period. I also noticed extreme fatigue and sleepiness within that same time frame after consuming coffee. So I weened myself off of the caffeine and thought "Problem solved". Wrong. Then I started to notice that I have black circles/bags under my eyes along with the drowsiness. At this point I started going to Web MD and various medical symptom sites and this was the WORST thing because I started matching my symptoms up to maladies like Leukemia and turned into a basket case. Then one day a couple weeks back I noticed that I was getting tiny pin ***** marks here and there, some on my belly, back, forearms, one on my right breast. Petechia dots. Freaked out hard and drove to Urgent Care and demanded a CBC test. Doctor rather disregarded the red dots and thought that I was overreacting about cancer. Got the results for my cbc and everything was pretty much normal range. WBC was about a 10 but that's not really so high and was within normal range. RBC was normal. No anemia. Most important factor would have been platelets considering I was getting petchiae dots. Platelets were totally normal. This calmed my mind and emotions for a day or so and then I started noticing this lower back/upper buttock pain on the left side. It developed gradually over a two day period. It's strange because it's like really bad muscle tension but only the left side. A strange tightness going from the lower hip/abdominal area and up the glutes. Pain in upper buttock but only when sitting. Last symptom I have noticed and this is the one that is really scaring me bad is a slightly swollen lymph node in the side of my neck on the left side. It's not large(maybe the size of a raisin) but I am very concerned now. I am so afraid that it's Lymphoma. I have been to the ER upon finding it and told them of the sensation in my back and the node but they disregarded me pretty much. Said to keep an eye on the node and gave me muscle relaxers for the back. :/ I don't have ANY health insurance and so I don't exactly know what to do besides try to see a pcp and get them to refer me to an imaging center for CT Scan. I am just so scared that it's cancer that I am totally depressed. I just sit around, mope, eat, or sleep. I don't have night sweats, fever, etc. I am not sure about weight loss as I always lose a lot of weight when I suffer depression. Help! :(

p.s. Are painless nodes always a sign of lymphoma??

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