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Hard lymph nodes
Jan 14, 2006
... Well, its kinda hard to tell whether one is hard or not, since it is under your skin. Anything under your skin will feel at least slightly 'soft', due the skin being a cushion of sorts. ... (3 replies)
... back. It's still there but it has decreased some. I would say it was as big as a walnut and now it's about half the size. On the left side the dr said I have hard lymph nodes that I cannot feel myself. This I don't understand so I'll see what the specialist says tomorrow. ... (5 replies)
... Last week on Wednesday I noticed 3 lymph nodes swollen on my neck. They were all very hard and movable. ... (0 replies)

Lymph nodes
Jan 16, 2008
... I had a lymph node behind my right ear and went to two doctors and they told me not to worry about it. ... (11 replies)
Lymph nodes
Jan 15, 2008
... About 6 weeks ago I found an enlarged lymph node about an inch under my ear after my jaw bone at the top of my neck. ... (11 replies)
... s it started up again and it was worse. I had an ultrasound in Jan 2010 and there was a lymph node noted at 1. ... (2 replies)
... I never had lymph node issues until about a year ago. I woke up one morning with my right underarm hurt. I noticed a lump. ... (1 replies)
... Let me back up... I have had hard painful lymph nodes for awhile now. Sometimes it is the string under my arm and up into my neck and behind my collarbone. Other times the ones in my groin are that way... ... (4 replies)
... So, I have noticed persistently swollen lymph nodes in my leg crease area for about a year. ... (3 replies)
... painful and slightly larger than a pea. I told him they were lymph nodes and he might be getting sick. A week later he ended up with a rash on his face and I did take him in to the doctor. ... (2 replies)
... I was on different meds for the sinus problem. I was taking them for six weeks, no improvement. One night I was playing with my neck and noticed several swelled lymph nodes on the left side. I freaked at this point and called my ENT who forwarded me to an internist for further blood work etc. ... (0 replies)
... If you go to various websites, the descriptions are very difficult to interpret. They are not exact and the only thing that anyone can say about a lymph node that is accurate for every one is, that if the lymph node was not there before and it is now, it may be a problem. ... (1 replies)
... r symptoms to no avail. It's very frustrating, so I am not new to the mystery medical issues. In fact, I almost put off going to the doctors regarding my growing lymph nodes because I am worried I'll just get brushed off, but I know I can't delay this. ... (4 replies)
... I have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck for over 4 weeks. I do not appear to have an infection and my lymph nodes remained swollen following antibiotic treatment. My CBC blood test came back normal and I have no symptoms of lymphoma other than weight lose of about 4lbs. ... (2 replies)
... I'm a 33 years old female. About 7 years ago, I started to develop some relatively small swollen lymph nodes around my neck. Some were soft and rubbery. Some were hard. Some were moveable. Some were fixed. 6 years ago, my GP ordered a CBC which came back fine. ... (3 replies)
Shotty lymph nodes
Aug 14, 2016
... inless lumps in my left armpit and one in the other. I went to a general doctor who said she is very thorough and seemed very concerned. She said they are shotty lymph nodes and I also have them all over my groin. She ordered me an axilla ultrasound and complete abdomen ultrasound. ... (4 replies)
... From what I know, no one should be able to fill their lymph nodes, in particular in the supraclavicular area as they are in a hollow. I'm sure there are plenty people who are an exception to this rule. ... (19 replies)
Lymph Nodes
Mar 12, 2008
... und the groin and I could tell that it felt different to him, though he didn't say anything. I knew that it always felt lumpy, but I didn't know that those were lymph nodes. So I never thought anything of it. Now years later here I am with the swollen lymph nodes in my neck. ... (11 replies)
... the lymph node with the streak... I just figured it was some strange passing "thang" haha. I'll definitely let doc know... ... (4 replies)
... om my leg and it took about 8 months for it to be properly diagnosed and finally it was a form of sarcoma. But my one onc. and I have been more concerned with my lymph nodes. They started in my groin which we thought it was due to all the surgerys but about 3 months later they started popping up in my right side of my neck. ... (0 replies)

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