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... I am anxious as well about the possibility of lymphoma as well. ... (3 replies)
Apr 29, 2013
... Some other factors to INCLUDE, I've had a CBC, everything came back in the 'normal range' meaning my WBC was at 4.7. The only thing that was off was my neutrophils, my ABC was 8.5, and the normal for that is 7.7, these tests were taken on April 11th 2013. ... (10 replies)
... I'm concerned that I may have lymphoma even though I can't feel any swollen lymph nodes in my neck, armpit, groin. I have had several symptoms continue over the last year. ... (3 replies)

... e thought was endometriosis however the biopsy came back small cell lymphocytic lymphoma. The sugeon told me that he questions the diagnosis as he has never seen lymphoma present this way. He said that my appendix came back normal with no abnormality seen other than that it was enlarged. ... (1 replies)
... Update ....ENT Physician Asst was great but she had to pass my onto ENT Dr who said I didn't have Lymphoma and it was probably muscle issues regardless and needed to take ibuprofen and thats all. Family Dr is sending me to new ENT... ... (8 replies)
... Hi, To keep the story short, here is my history: I am 24, male, 5'8" & 150lbs. I had a pacemaker put in on Oct/08 for bradycardia. Diagnosed with Celiac Disease on November 2009. In February 2010, I had an Ultrasound that showed slight mesenteric lymph node enlargement and a slightly enlarged spleen (13inches). Both were minimal so my doctor said not to worry. Recently I... (2 replies)
... Hello, Everyone. I have some questions concerning lymphoma. First, a little background: I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in May 2011, surgery went great in June 2011, but had a recurrence in October 2011...and now though the doctors thought I was having another recurrence, it was declared that my thyroid cancer is gone. Yay! :bouncing: Unfortunately, I have... (3 replies)
... Does lymphoma raise liver enzymes? ... (0 replies)
... re and puffy. I thought that lymph node swelling due to cancer was painless though. He is not the first doctor to mention cancer but before it was due to a high wbc count that ended up improving on it's own. Thank you for your thoughts. It eased my mind a bit. ... (4 replies)
... h lately, having sharp pains in my ribs and back and wondered if that was related to the celiac disease. He said that the shortness of breath could be related to lymphoma because I have gone so long undiagnosed. I had a cbc that was normal and a chest xray that was clear. ... (4 replies)
... Aniso. I had a CT scan which showed an enlarged spleen and liver, but have no swollen lymph nodes externally. Can you have lymphoma without swollen lymph nodes? ... (1 replies)
... Hi, sorry to hear what everyone else is going through...everyone is in my prayers..and GOD BLESS EVERYONE! Ok...I have been swelling in my stomach for almost a year now with pain and indigestion, trouble with constipation...I have been to many different doctors. I have been to a gyno... urologist and gastro...they all tell me that i need to see one of the other....itz like... (2 replies)
Feb 10, 2003
... they went away after a couple of weeks. Do lymphoma lumps go away that quickly? ... (1 replies)
... w biopsy, which I fully expected to be within normal limits. But the BMB revealed that the abnormal cells spread to my marrow and I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma based on the BMB. ... (1 replies)
... Question would I need to do a Chest CT to rule out Lymphoma as well a review of Neck make sure no growth in neck. ... (0 replies)
... Yes, I have also been told that lymphoma doesn't show up in bloodwork either,... . ... (5 replies)
... i do understand that lymphoma is really difficult to diagnose. theres lots of symptoms that could point to a number of things and i know i didnt have any normal symptoms for a long time. ... (11 replies)
Aug 8, 2006
... my medical records and compared to the ones he did and nothing had change, and he was concered to why the other doctors hadn't done anything, because he suspects LYMPHOMA and schedualed me to see a hematologist on Wed of this week. ... (0 replies)
... Thank you so much for the replies. My doctor blew me off pretty much when I questioned lymphoma. She said my WBC were fine so there should be no cause for concern, BUT I've been through many tests and still no answers. ... (7 replies)
... ologist who sent me for a lymph node biopsy in my groin and it only shows benign lymphadenthapy.. Even the surgeon tells me that the nodes weren't big enough for lymphoma before he extracted the node.. ... (1 replies)

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