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... I am a 31 year old female who found a mass in my pelvic area last week. I woke up one morning and my right lymph node was swollen, as was the area around the mass. Pain was radiating down my right thigh, into my back and my right hip. ... (2 replies)
... Mid December all the symptoms went away. On January 1st I went to a museum and felt a swollen lymph node in my neck as I was looking at a photograph. I suddenly realized that maybe it wasn't supposed to be there. It's definitely not big at all, about half a cm. ... (0 replies)
... Anyways, while suffering from this infection I asked the doc to take another look at the swollen node in my groin and he referred me for an ultrasound. Then my family physician called me in on a sunday morning to tell me that it is a very concerning swollen gland. ... (0 replies)

... one of my lymph nodes was swollen and aching when I touched it. ... (1 replies)
... n for me isn't painful... I'm assuming this is because different bodies react different to all sorts of pain. About two or three days ago I discovered a 'swollen lymph node' in my groin just on my underwear line, but I didn't feel any pain, only tenderness like a bruise. ... (56 replies)
... You need to see your Doctor...but my Oncologist told me lymph nodes that hurt are usually an indication of a virus etc. When they aren't painful is when there is a problem........go see your Docotr!!! ... (3 replies)
... Im a 22 year old male. Yesterday I noticed that it seems the lymph node in my groin is swollen, but not very large. It is tender and sore and sometimes faintly hurts like a sore feeling. ... (3 replies)
... ne. I squeezed it and it hurt so I left it alone. The next day it still was tender and still inflamed. It seems hard, but I'm not sure what hard feels like for a lymph node. It is also on the connector tendon or whatever that is thing is there coming from groin to leg. ... (0 replies)
... Im not sure whether im freaking out and making something over nothing or whether i do actually have swollen lymph nodes. ... (56 replies)
... I have a swollen lymph node in my groin area. I have been to my doctor and she said not to worry and to come back and see her in 2 weeks...well.. ... (56 replies)
... I have learned that it is common for swollen lymph nodes to appear in the body especially if you have a bowel disorder such as IBS, IBD or chron's disease. ... (1 replies)
... I had a painless swollen lymph node on the right side of my groin for the past year or so, I went to see the doctor about 4 months after noticing the lump. I did an impossible amount of tests, but nothing unusual came up. ... (56 replies)
... Only one node in his leg was palpable. It was hard and I couldn't tell if it was movable. I'd need to be more proficient in lymph node palpating to discern that. It was in his upper thigh near the groin. ... (6 replies)
... I noticed one lymph node swollen in my groin about 3 years ago. It's smaller then a grape about the size of a peanut. I have no history or family history of cancer. ... (1 replies)
... this is what i am going through right now... only my lymph nodes are only swollen on one side (right) and in my jaw/neck. my CBC is mostly normal, except for elevated ANA and lymphocytes... slightly low iron. I had mono in the spring of 2008 though, so it's going on two years for me. I know post-mono syndrome can last for quite some time, so if you are only a month... (2 replies)
... it's normal to be nervous when a person finds a swollen lymph node. ... (31 replies)
... I only had one when I showed them, now I have 3! ... (2 replies)
... As I posted something similuar in a previous post... my boyfriend about a year ago had one in his groin area, something that I did not mention berfore was that it did start hurting like under his arm, then moved to the groin, he had it tested and they found out that it was CAT SCRATCH FEVER, he had surgery to remove it, they said that it was the size of a grapefruit! It... (1 replies)
... I to have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck for almost 1 year. The one on the right side of my neck is kind of rubbery and fixed, and the one below my left ear is rubbery and palapable. You can feel the node but feels like there is fluid around it. ... (56 replies)
... Sounds like you could have indolent lymphoma. You can ask your doctor for a biopsy of one of your lymph nodes and that will conclusively rule out lymphoma, but may also be able to identify a virus that could be given proper attention. ... (5 replies)

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