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... Well i think you are right in saying alot of times lumps above the collar bone can be worrisome, but this is certainly NOT always the case. I think that almost always the nodes that are cancerous will be not sore to the touch. ... (3 replies)
... I found a lump above my collar bone about 6 months ago. I went to my doctor and she sent me for a chest xray which was fine. ... (3 replies)
... Last year December, I had my tonsils removed after dealing with years of constantly having sore throats and infected tonsils. After I had my tonsilectomy, I felt completley better. ... (6 replies)

... posting this question. I read it to my husband and he said I could have wrote it. I too am on adipex p for a month now and had a lump develop just under my left collar bone. Didn't think much of it till last night when it felt like someone kicked me in the chest. It is still very painful and is the whole front of my chest. ... (6 replies)
... but im getting kinda nervous cause im startig to develop one under my right rib cage and a small one on my collar bone again.. ... (6 replies)
... Hello.. I'm curious as to whether or not your lump went away. I have a lump on my left collar bone too. ... (6 replies)
... Also this morning my husband was suppose to return to work. He got up with me, God bless his soul he was clearly very sore. His pants are falling off him :( and his shoes barely fit because they are clearly swollen. It's weird because I pressed my finger against his feet and on his ankle but it doesn't leave an indentation like when hands or feet are swollen it looks puffy but... (34 replies)
Could it be?
Apr 21, 2003
... I have a question, and was wondering if anyone can comment. I recently fell ill. Have a ton of symptoms but the most troubling of all, I have found about 20 enlarged lymph nodes mostly on my upper body. Underarms,neck,collar bone(chest I guess) a few on side of head. The one on my collar where the collar bone meets the breast (I think its a lymph node) Is fixated and the whole... (1 replies)
... Currently my collar bone is sore where the tendons meet but I've been working out weightlifting so can't say what's up. ... (1 replies)
... I had my biopsy yesterday and was I sore ! I am feeling much better today though except for being stressed out cause I have to wait a week to get the results back. ... (23 replies)
... we are, a few months later and now I am on antibiotics for 2 weeks with 5 more days to go on the second round. It all started when the right side of my neck was sore and the center, where my doctor found a small painful lump. 10 days later I went back because the pain shifted to the left and I felt like my neck was tight. ... (3 replies)
... no nausea Other than that I do have a pain in my upper pec on the same side the node is about an inch down from the collar bone. ... (2 replies)
... ave multiple in both sides of my groin that are hard and feel like a "string of pearls" those are the ones I noticed. My Dr. Also said they are swollen behind my collar bone, in my back, elbows, knees. She said the pain was from the swollen nodes.. ... (1 replies)
... My CRP was high and my absolute esonophils were High. My red blood cells were all at the lowest range of normal. Cholesterol great. January I thought I had a sore throat and I felt it and there is a knot in my neck. Lymph node swollen and doesn't hurt when push on it. Had 3 different antibiotics. ... (0 replies)
... Have you had any sore throats lately? ... (2 replies)
... I'm in the same boat if the antibiotics dnt work they will biopsy it. Lymph nodes swelling in adults aren't common. Have had enough test that I completed a 1500.00 deductible in 3 weeks! They still have no idea! I have a post like yours. Why is it so hard to get answers!!!!! (6 replies)
... it is greatly appreciated. So, I am 19 and live a relatively healthy lifestyle. Last feburary 2009 I began to get swollen, firm glands. They were not tender or sore to touch the way they would be if I had a cold or flu etc. There is 2 glands which I can feel. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks. I currently don't have insurance but am working on it. I plan to get it checked out as soon as I can. It has went down in size, considerably though. (6 replies)
... e into consideration also. However, most of them are also associated with Celiacs. I have not felt any swollen lymph nodes. My neck from right below my ear to my collar bone, more so on the right, is a bit sore and puffy. I thought that lymph node swelling due to cancer was painless though. ... (4 replies)
... I know no one has responded yet, but I went to the doctor yesterday and she said that it is most likely a severe case of "cat scratch fever"? I'm not sure what to think about that...I guess I'll take my anti biotic and see if it works...i'll get back to you in 5 days. (6 replies)

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