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... LAst month I suffered from a groin strain, while sprinting 100 yd dashes. The strain didn't immediately hurt. It progressively worsened over a few weeks. ... (0 replies)
... but have any of you ever been tested for genital herpes. With HSV being a viral infection you will have swollen lymph glands. ... (56 replies)
... my doctor told be that i have swollen nodes under my chin because i have acne. all that worrying for nothing. acne is a pain in the butt. also if you have swollen glands in the groin area it might be from shaving. you know "shaving rash. ... (5 replies)

... I Am A Fairly Healthy 29 Yr old Female . About 5 Weeks Ago I discoverd a lump or mass in my groin Area That is Very Painfull I decided that it was Probably nothing and I didnt want to go runing to the doctor if it was nothing to be real concerned about. ... (1 replies)
... t painful... I'm assuming this is because different bodies react different to all sorts of pain. About two or three days ago I discovered a 'swollen lymph node' in my groin just on my underwear line, but I didn't feel any pain, only tenderness like a bruise. ... (56 replies)
... Hi, saw my doc regarding the swollen glands in my groin area and my neck, he said its unusual to have swelling in both areas at the same time. ... (0 replies)
... I see a lot of information about swollen glands or nodes at the front of the neck, under jaw line, armpits and groin area. But my son not only has the swollen gland on the left side of his neck, but a few marble sized hard swellings at the back of his neck. ... (2 replies)
... Within the next few days I started becoming very lightheaded and fatigue. The lymph nodes in my neck started to swell a little. The two circle shaped ones on opposite sides under my chin. It was giving me problems swallowing. ... (1 replies)
... (5 replies)
... LAst month I suffered from a groin strain, while sprinting 100 yd dashes. The strain didn't immediately hurt. It progressively worsened over a few weeks. ... (5 replies)
... the only way to diagnose lymphoma is through biopsy where they take the piece of tissue and put it under a microscope. The CAT scans MRI's just define where the area of interest is and whether it looks similar to the surrounding area or different. They used an MRI to outline how deep the swollen tissue went into my face. ... (8 replies)
... section, so you are probably very right about how rundown and depleted my immune system is. I still would suspect to have gotten sick by this point, though, with swollen lymph nodes scattered throughout my entire body. ... (8 replies)
Experts Needed
May 16, 2003
... a year ago he complained of a swollen gland in the groin, I took him to our family m.d., who told us that was normal in boys, gave him antibiotics, sent us home. ... (1 replies)
... Unfortunately, no one can offer an official diagnosis from an internet site. The best that can be suggested is to check out your situation with a Ear, nose and throat specialist, or a rare disease specialist. All those symptoms can be attributed to tropical diseases as well as the obvious lymphoma you are concerned about. There are many opportunitistic infections out there as... (2 replies)
... swollen, sometimes painful areas in neck, just below ears and continuing down toward collarbone. ... (2 replies)
... oxygenated. The lungs, kidneys also play a part in this process. Fats get stored in the major organs, and fatty deposits can grow on and around the heart muscle. ... (8 replies)
... Hi my name is Kim. I went into er one day with pain in my lower groin area. got a cat scan done was told ihad a swollen liver swollen spleen ,and swollen lymphnodes and was admitted. Ssince then I have had 2 biospies which came back neg. ... (0 replies)
... I finally found this message board today. I have painful swollen areas right in the middle of my "V" region on my right groin. I am a 34 year old female, married, and recently was on some Clomid which caused my ovaries to develop cysts. ... (0 replies)
... The reason I asked about how large the lymph nodes were in my previous post is because lymph nodes swell for all sorts of reasons, most of which are not lymphoma. ... (14 replies)
Apr 21, 2005
... My Dr thinks it must a swollen lymph gland, but I am afraid it's cancer...I return in a week to see it's progress... ... (8 replies)

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