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Redness after a shower is normal, especially if you wash your glans with hot water. Rinsing your foreskin (if you have one) and your glans with water during the shower is a good practice, but you mustn't use hot water nor cold water. Just use tepid water, with a friendly temperature. Redness after masturbation is natural, as you continuously rub your penis with your hands and things heat with friction.

That pimple can be lots of things...but, you feel pain? Are you OK? Does your skin look dry, pale or cracked? If you feel OK, it's probably nothing to worry about, but, if something is bothering you, you should check it. Some men have papules in their glans, Fordyce spots along their penis and similar things...they are natural and not dangerous, and their only problem is the aesthetical one if you or your sexual partner don't like them. Some other things are problematic and need treatment.

Also...beware of unprotected sex. That's a very risky practice. Of course your partner can be clean and healthy, you know her and you can judge if you can trust her or not, but it is still a quite risky thing. The most common problem that comes to my mind is a yeast infection, which is treatable with antifungal creams, patience and proper care. Even with this, I cannot emit a proper judgement, as I am not a doctor and things seem quite well according to your description. If "you really have to look hard to see that pimple", it is probably a minor problem, so cheer up and worry not! Don't be afraid to get tested...many things that you could suffer from need medical supervision...not all of the users here are experts (I am not one).

I also recommend avoiding soap during your daily cleaning: using soap in your penis will kill all the good bacteria that protect it from infections. Just wash your friend with water and it will be OK. Eating lots of sugar is also a bad practice, especially if you are a diabetic. Other possible things are adverse reactions to lubricant products and condoms: this time you've had unprotected sex, but, if you see something weird in your penis after using a condom or a lubricant gel, consider changing your product of choice.

Don't worry: I don't know exactly what it is, but I'm sure you will find a solution.

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