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Sex without a condom has to be OK. Being uncircumcised is not a hindrance: in fact, we uncircumcised men have more sensitivity than circumcised men and we usually can live pleasure with more intensity. The foreskin is a very erogenous zone. According to what you say, I think it's not a problem of being uncircumcised, maybe he's just a little dry. If he doesn't feel good without a condom, his penis may be dry, he may lack lubrication, but I'm not totally sure, as I don't know him nor I've seen his penis.

Oral sex is terrific for us, we usually love it, both intact and circumcised men. Fellatio is a practice that we really like. The foreskin can glide and move, so it can expose and cover from time to time the most sensitive areas. It doesn't matter if we are circumcised or not. I'm uncircumcised and I really like oral sex.

I hope I've been able to help you. ;)

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