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Hello, this is my first post to this forum. I am
25 years old

My diet is almost vegetarian. In the morning I'll typically eat a protein shake and take

High EPA:DHA ratio fish oil
Vitamin D 5000iu (I'm deficient)
Agmatine 500mg

I take dextroamphetamine for work, i also drink coffee and use nicotine (mostly vape) and sometimes I take a few grams of l-citrulline to combat vasoconstriction caused by amphetamines/nicotine.

Lunch is typically a chicken sandwhich. Dinner is Pizza/chicken burrito/something like that. I don't eat red meat, pork, beef, dont drink milk or soda. I also havent exercised on purpose in about six months. (Need to try and gain some weight back)

I am bisexual. I was in a commited relationship with a girl for 4.5 years, then broke it off. Now I'm having sex almost exclusively with men. I also maturbate daily.

As of late, when I have an orgasm, there is VERY little semen during ejaculation. This is very troubling and requires a resolution. I have to fix this. It started happening after I was experimenting with elastic penis rings and a penis pump (just for fun once in a while). Now, I've tried taking 50mg zinc sulfate in liquid form to resolve the issue to no avail. I dont think I'm deficient in zinc because it tastes terrible and it makes me nauseated when I take it. Though I notice a mood improvement/stabilization following administration, I'm less agitated.

But it did not resolve the issue which sort of leads me to believe that this is not a hormone/nutrition issue. In my opinion, the issue is mechanical. I think I either have retrograde ejaculation or blocked ejaculatory ducts. This also started happening when I started to bottom (receiving end of anal sex) more often and use anal toys/prostate massaging. Perhaps I've done damage to my prostate?

I have a feeling that my ejaculatory ducts are blocked. Is there a device/drug (experimental is okay) that can dilate these ducts?

What can be done?? Please help!!

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