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Before I start I must apologise for my lengthy question/post and I will try to cover everything in as few words as I can.

Me: 25 y/o, male, 1.75m, 80kg, based in London, no history of illnesses, am not on any medication or supplements, eating relatively healthy with a few fast food meals during the week due to work, don't go to gym but work in an inventory room so lift a lot of heavy boxes daily, don't drink alcohol because it makes me sleepy nor do I smoke, heavy computer user so I sit a lot.

My problem: I have started masturbating daily around when I was 16 I think but I can remember very few details from my childhood and I can't remember if it used to be like this or not but as far back as I can remember it was always like this.
I am never aroused or horny or attracted (I find women beautiful but can't say I'm attracted to them), inexistent sex drive, don't receive any pleasure or release from anything sexually related(I find it fun to mess around and kiss and stuff but 0 pleasure), no sure way to get an erection, have 0 control over my erections (if I masturbate to porn I can get an 80% erection until I take my hand away and then it goes soft in 2 seconds) and can't stay hard when they do happen (sometimes I get morning erections and they seem to be stronger than any other time), erections go away incredibly quickly if there is no physical stimulation on my penis (to give you an example of how fast they go away, I am in missionary position, I get off so she can get on top and by the time she gets on top I am soft so that takes like under 4-5 seconds), I receive 0 pleasure from my penis and it is so insensitive that if a girl is on top and I can't see my penis going in/out I have no idea if I am inside her or not(condom or not), I can ejaculate and semen seems normal but again there is absolutely no pleasure or orgasm or muscle spasms.

I have been searching the internet for an answer to at least some of my questions and can say I'm not depressed, or anxious, or pressured into it or to perform, if you would put a naked girl in front of me without me doing anything nothing would happen to my penis, same with porn but I do think about sex a lot during the day. I have tried to not watch porn or masturbate for about two months and had 0 changes, I still don't even know why I masturbate sometimes since as I say there is no pleasure/release.

I've talked to my GP about it(8 months ago and got only 1 appointment so far which is beyond frustrating) and he recommended me to an Endocrinology clinic for some tests which to summarize said "It is a little odd. He has no spontaneous erections although is capable of achieving an erection...He is post-pubertal and has no real signs of hypogonadism, no significant past medical history, nor any symptoms which would make one concerned about either the neurological or vascular component of erectile function. He does have body hair and clinically I thought there was evidence of mild gynaecomastia.
Investigations have not really lead us any further forward. Oestradiol is low and well below the lower limit of the reference interval for a male. Gonadotrophins are normal, as is serum prolcatin and the remainder of his pituitary profile. Specifically, his testosterone was within the normal reference interval at 12.5 nmol/l (9.2 to 55.5) and importantly, with a very low sex hormone binding globulin of 13, his free androgen index was high at 961 (normal 400-1400). Thus his serum testosterone measured early in the morning is normal and his free testosterone levels are high. His gonadotrophins are normal and therefore there is no real evidence to support a diagnosis of either primary or secondary hypogonadism. Liver function, AFP and beta-hCG are all entirely normal which is reassuring. His karyotype was normal.
My feeling is that there is no obvious underlying endocrine cause for his erectile problems and he would probably benefit from being seen by a specialist service."

If you have managed to get to the bottom I thank you.

Any input is appreciated!

Kind Regards

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