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Went a little to rough on myself and ended up tearing part of my penis's frenulum including the head of the penis almost right down to the very tip.

A few days later and it's healed so badly that i can no longer pull the foreskin back as the forskin has healed onto the head of my penis. I am not in pain but it has eliminated the ability to masturbate. I dont have too much issue urinating. Just being careful and i get by fine for now.


I've never even read online or heard of a case as bad as this. is there any hope for me? I did not faint or vomit as ive read online its common for that to happen.

What can I possibly do to heal properly? Do I need immediate surgery?
My mother decided it wasn't necessary since the bleeding had stopped very quickly after it had happened. within 5 minutes

Also my right testicle has been on and off sore for the past few years. A look inside has decided its a possibility of a hydrocele or something. but it hurts even after 3 ibuprofen.
In my experience with a torn frenulum, it would not heal until I left it alone.
If I had sex or masturbated, it would just tear again.
It took about two months of complete rest, until it healed completely.

The testicular ache is not normal. I would see a urologist for it. Just be forewarned, that American doctors always recommend circumcision to a guy with a foreskin. It is easy money to most of them. I have always ignored it, especially when a doctor told me he could fix the torn frenulum, by removing the whole area. Ignoring it was one of the best decisions.

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