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Wow, many questions - I'll try to answer them in order:

[QUOTE=meme seecoo]Hi, this is kind of hard to explain but I'll give it a shot... at the end on the underside of my penis there is this sort of line of raised skin, a "ridge" if you will. I have no idea what it does but it sometimes hurts when i get erections because it gets really tight and holds the forskin there, while it also wants to stretch out. so the glans(proper term?) [/QUOTE]

Yes, the glans is the proper term for the head :) . The ridge on the underside of your penis that you are referring to is called the frenulum. It's purpose is to act like a tether, and help keep the foreskin pulled over the glans when not in use (i.e. its naturally supposed to slide forward). The frenulum is just like the web of skin underneath your tongue - its attached, but should be flexible enough to allow movement. In some cases, like yours, the frenulum is too tight and not elastic enough, and requires stretching. To stretch your frenulum, pull your foreskin back as far as it will go, stopping when you get pain there, then back off a little, and hold it there for at least 5 minutes. Do this everyday for a few weeks, and you should notice some improvement.

[QUOTE] is sort of pointing down because of this and I feel like my erection would be bigger and less painful if it wasnt so tight. the skin is also really dry around there and is cracking. when i touch it it stings like a ..., is this normal(it never seems to scab over because its moist down there)? [/QUOTE]

No, it's not normal - your frenulum is too tight, and needs stretching as described earlier. You should also know that the frenulum is one of the most sensitive areas of the penis, and can also be one of the most pleasurable parts of the penis - it's loaded with nerve endings.

You should let the cracking heal before attempting to stretch the frenulum. Apply a bit of Vaseline to the area to help keep it moist.

[QUOTE] my friend also told me if an uncircumcised guy has sex(liek me, and a virgin), this tight ridge thing will rip and bleed alot and wont stop bleeding untill you get surgry or something. Is that true? [/QUOTE]

Well, he's partially right. The frenulum can tear during sex (has nothing to do with being a virgin or not), and if it does tear it can bleed (but usually not a lot). Its not common for it tear, but it can, especially if it's too tight like yours is. However, if you do those stretching exercises and get it to stretch properly, it is unlikely that it will tear.

Even if it does tear, it's not a big deal, and will usually heal on its own in a week or two. It almost never requires surgery or a doctor's attention to get better if you tear it. So don't worry about it.

[QUOTE]ALSO lol, I have these bumps all over the shaft scrotum and on the underside ring of the head of my penis, I right to understand that these are completly normal? [/QUOTE]

Bumps on the shaft of the penis and the scrotum are pubic hair follicles. Most will begin to grow hairs from them soon, if not already. Some will just be bumps without hair growing from them. They're perfectly normal, and all guys past puberty have them.

I'm not sure what you mean by the "underside ring of the head of your penis", but if you mean the ridge of the glans (called the corona), flesh colored bumps there are different, and are called pearly penile papules (or "ppp"). They are also completely normal, and are more common in uncut guys.

[QUOTE]it seems hair is growing out of these little bumps. and i know I reached puberty late(I am 16 now), it really started last year, and I am wondering if these bumps will go away after puberty is finished? [/QUOTE]

No, these bumps and hair follicles start appearing at puberty, and stay with you the rest of your adult life. You may actually get more of them over the next few years. They're part of being a man, so get used to them! You never noticed them before because they only appear later in puberty. If it makes you feel better, I freaked out about them too when I first noticed them when I was going through puberty.

[QUOTE]Im just wondering what Id say to a girl when the time finally comes and I dont want her to freak out thinking its some STD or something. This had been worrieing me for quite some time. [/QUOTE]

These are common worries, but they're needless! Again, pubic hair follicles and bumps are found in all guys past puberty. So a girl won't be freaked when she sees them, because they're normal. If she does get freaked, she's going to be disappointed when she finds the next guy she's with has the same thing!

So relax, they're NORMAL.

Hope this helps. :wave:

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