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[QUOTE=ConfusedChick769]yes this is for sure possible. I knew one guy who could [ejacualte] in me about 5 times before we would stop having sex. On the other hand my current bf can only [ejacualte] 2 times and then it gets soft. So I think it just depends on the guy but it is for sure a good thing when your guy can [ejacualte] more than once in one sex secion.[/QUOTE]

To lovethemusic and confusedchick...

Can I ask, is it really still good when your man comes and keeps going? I mean it usually only takes me a short time...but I can keep going like 2 or 3 times, never tried more. It gets a little soft, but quickly becomes hard again...maybe not 100%, but pretty damn hard. Can you guys orgasm after your man has came, but kept going? I mean is it [I]really [/I]good sex after he comes the first time? My girl is always very honest, but I know she wouldn't want to hurt my feelings, either. She says she still enjoys it. I usually have to pull out the first time, as the semen makes it burn after a few minutes. Do you ever experience this...damn if I could come to grips with the fact the other guys (have to) come and then keep going to get their mates off, I'd never worry about coming too fast again. Thanks

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