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Mine's pretty sensitive. Like if I am masturbating and I pull the foreskin back and continue to masturbate with the foreskin moving forward and back it's rather uncomfortable. After it's dried though (it's always wet a little under the foreskin) it feels REALLLY good. Also, when I am receiving oral sex from my girlfriend it feels really really good, but she's really got to watch her teeth but only on the head. Intercourse feels great. Seems like anywhere it's smooth and moist it feels good.

Here's another example. I am going to the washroom, not aroused at all, pull foreskin back, just give it a touch and it's not pleasant. Doesn't hurt, but doesn't feel good.

I do not have any STD's as I just got results back Friday (routine, nothings ever been found, am now in stable relationship). It's been like this all my life, just making sure I am not alone. All my friends are cut, I've tried to talk to them about it but it makes no sence.
Hey bud, I'm uncut as well so I know what you're talking about. The head of my penis was super sensitive for a long time. Remember that it stays covered all the time so it is going to be sensitive. The more you expose it to touch and stimulation, the less sensitive it will be. As much as you can stand stroke it, rub it, use it during masturbation etc and this will help lessen the sensitivity...although you want it to be sensitive, just not painfully so. Try using some lubrication for masturbation and focus on the head. But don't worry at uncut guys just have really sensitive heads and that is one of the things that is cool about being uncut, your cut buddies can't relate, because their heads aren't sensitive like ours!
hey Gonehome, when you are getting oral, do you pull back your foreskin, or no..thanks
I kno that when im getting head i let my girlfriend do what ever she wants... she tends to pull it back and forth through out all of it which really intensifies the whole feeling
Ya I like it better when the foreskin is pulled back. Feels much better for oral, besides it's kind of hard for it not to just come back anyway.

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