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iam and my g/f have been going out for 6 months and just started having sex..the second time, all was well..then when she wanted on top, i pulled out and went limp in like 30 seconds...the condoms are very hard to put on,,their too small..and iam afraid if i get a larger one ill go limp and it will slid off in her.. i was engaged for 3 years so i havent used a condom in a long time,,,and have never had stamina/limp problems before and i hate the way they feel..and also i have a hydroseal that has been acting up lately,,would that cause me to lose my erection?
Lots of things can cause us to lose an erection, being uncomfortable would certainly be a factor. I'd suggest that you try several different types of condoms, they all fit a bit differently, try some of the larger ones as well...see if they work while masturbating or if they feel any different. Also, some fear (of the condom slipping off) could lead to this loss of erections...remember that our two heads are very connected so if you're having some trouble with erections, chances are you are worrying about it and that will only make things worse. So, be careful about what you're thinking as well. As to the hydrocele (sp?) I don't think that'll have any impact unless there is alot of pain associated with it, particularly during sex. Hope this helps, hang in there!
damn it ,,it happened again today,,i was on to going like crazy,,it was good after like 10 min, she wanted on top,,it went in ,she went up and down twice,it poped out and went limp,,so like any good man i finished the job with my tounge,,,this is getting agravating,, i really love her and for our 2nd and 3rd time together to be cut short sucks..and she thinks the reason i go limp is her because i dont want her fat *** on top of me fat (thats what she says because the doctor told her she was 5lbs over ideal weight. i belive shes the most beautiful thing on the earth)
Hey bud, like I said you've got to stop focusing on this so much. It'll kick your butt everytime if you keep thinking about it this way. This is a new relationship that is going your head you don't want to mess it you're putting pressure on yourself to make things wonderful. Sex isn't always perfect and its easy for us to get all worked up, then fail and get frustrated which only makes it worse. Calm down and forget about these past takes a while for two people to really get in sync and work it out so that things happen like they are supposed to. Are you rushing the intercourse too much? How about alot of foreplay first to get things going. Have you been able to ejaculate in front of her? Maybe use masturbation as part of the "routine" and show her how to masturbate you...then add intercourse and see if things are better. I'm just hearing nerves and pressure all over this which is leading to frustration when things don't go right. Please tell her that this isn't about her at has nothing to do with her and everything to do with your trying too hard to please her! And hang in there bud, just keep working at this and things will be fine, we've all been in this place at one time or another. Keep in touch and let us support you or give you other suggestions. Your body is just getting used to stimulation of another kind!

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