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[QUOTE=bozo69]Hey I think my penis may have BO or something I have heard about this being common for uncut guys and I need some help. Do I just wash it with water, use soap or anything else?[/QUOTE]
Soap and water works wonders. I used to be uncut (I'm 18 by the way) but got circumcised about a year ago. If you can pull the foreskin all the way back over the head of your penis, when you shower just wash your penis with soap and water, especially around the head. Avoid using the anti-bacterial soaps, like Dial, since they tend to be stronger and use a milder soap instead.

[QUOTE]Also after I take a piss won't it end up smelling bad cause sometimes a little more comes out after I am done how do I fix this.[/QUOTE]
I used to pull the foreskin back before taking a whiz just because otherwise I always had to deal with the "spray factor" for lack of a better term. Then I'd just shake the rest off. If you do that and use a mild soap to wash your penis when showering, you should be okay in the penis hygiene department.

[QUOTE]Sometimes when I feel under the foreskin there is a slimy like substance but its not precum I don't know what it is. Basically I just need to know the best way to not have a bad smell down there. Thanks![/QUOTE]
What you're referring to underneath your foreskin is smegma which, as I understand it, is just a natural secretion of the sebaceous glands and is something that occurs in both women and in uncircumcised men. (At least, I haven't noticed any smegma on my penis since getting circumcised.) I've never noticed smegma on a girl, and I've looked for it too, though every girl I've ever had sex with was turned off by the smegma on my penis, despite the fact that there was never very much smegma there to be turned off by. Mine used to accumulate right on the underside of the head and I'd wash it off every day, sometimes more than once a day, since I'm physically active and always take two, and sometimes three, showers daily. I'd just pull the foreskin back and wash with soap and water and if I noticed any smegma down there, I'd be sure to wash it off.

Pretty basic stuff, actually. Nothing worse than having a dialog with your girlfriend about suffering from stinky penis syndrome.

Hope this helps.

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