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I too like you arent cut. How do you put your condoms on? When I first started to have sex i would pull back the foreskin then put the condom on so when i insert my penis into the girls vagina my head is exposed. so during sex the condom begins to roll up, even so much that when my penis is in her vagina the condom is in her vagina completely ever had a condom roll up this much on you? Tired of having a condom rolling up on me so i decided to not pull back my foreskin and completely have it cover my head then attach the condom well that stopped the condom from rolling but the problem is whenever we do missionary with her legs on my shoulders the condom breaks. Three days in a row it broke it that position, seems like air under my foreskin gets into the condom creating an air bubble. So any tips on stopping a condom from rolling up? I figure circumcision would be a true solution but thats out of the question because i dont want to run the risk of a botched circumcision, going through the healing process and all that. thanks for the help

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