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Foreskin Problem!
Jun 25, 2004
hello everyone! i have a problem with my foreskin, im 18 years old and iv lost my virginity with the one i love!iv only ever had sex with a condom, but we decided it wud be rite to go without the condom, now iv ran into the problem of getting it in!the foreskin just keeps rolling back and wont go in with my penis, this is causing me to hurt down there! this has me concerned as it should go straight in! yes shes "wet" so theres lubrication, shes had sex with other people before and they havent had any problems! i was told to do stretching with the foreskin but it doesnt need stretching! it goes pritty much right back and i feel it shouldnt at all!i think if i was to ignore the pain then the skin that attaches to my penis would proberbly snap!can anyone shed any light on this? please! should i see the doctor? if any more information is needed just ask and i wil provide it! hope you can help! thanks 2 everyone in advance!
Hey from a fellow uncut guy to guy. First the skin rolling back is natural. There are different types out there, some have very loose skin and other have tight. Mine can't go back as it's too tight, however when pulled back the head of the penis is very sensative. It being your first sexual encounter it is normal that it would have been very uncomfortable for you. As you have more experience this will dwindle down as far as been overly sensative. So hang in there as it's normal for the skin to pull back on its own if the skin is loose even when hard. Unlike cut guys thier sensativity is killed off at an early age. This is why unless being uncut no other man can experience the sensatity that we can. Again, with experience it won't feel so uncomfortable.

Also, I'm sure you love her however at 18 think more about yourself and protect yourself. One of two reasons: 1. your way too young to worry about raising a child anytime soon and 2. a condom will decrease the sensativity for you so you can last long in pleasing her.
Couple of questions bud. First, when you used the condom how did you put it on? Did you retract your foreskin and then put the condom on? And here's a suggestion that may help...before you insert your penis, retract the foreskin and hold it back while you insert it...then you should be able to easily insert your penis into the vagina. As you thrust, your foreskin will move back and forth as it should. Hope this helps, if not....let us know and we'll keep trying to help. I'd offer this as that you've experienced it without a condom...why not wear one everytime???? Pretty risky not to in my opinion. BTW...I'm uncut too so I understand what's going on here.

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