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My problem is one that no Dr or Urologist has been able to figure out so I come here in search of help!
I am now 38, but when I was 23 I had a normal sex life and after ejaculating the semen pumped out and everything was fine.
One day when I was 23 I felt this sharp pain (like a knife) between my anus and testicles. It dug in hard and stung for about 30 seconds then left. After that pain I found everytime I ejaculated some semen would come out but then a minute or two later more would 'leak' out. This was quite a bit and was semen, and the only way to clear it was to go to the toliet and pass water which I found after a push would 'clear the tubes' and solve the problem of having residue semen leaking into my pants.
As I have got older nothing has worked to fix this and in fact now after I ejaculate some semen comes out in a dribble and more is 'trapped' and has to be milked out manually after which follows a clear substance.
There is just a lack of power and contractions that used to propel it out and if I left it after sex I would end up with a mess, so I usually have to go pass water to clear things.
No one can solve this despite seeing Dr's and urologists who have ruled out stricture or serious disease. I do KNOW for a fact thought that after that severe pain nothing was ever the same and it also affected my urine flow for some months making more urine spurt/drip out about 20 seconds after I'd finished for about 3 months after the pain at age 23. This problem has gone but the ejaculation one remains.
The only thing that could be a clue is when I had a rectal exam at 23 after this problem it stung like hell and the Uro said I had a puffy prostrate and prostatitis. I was given antibiotics for this at the time and swabs etc from milking tests showed no organisms.
What the hell could be wrong or could have happened back then that has caused this problem?
ANY help would sure be great and BEAT the Dr's and URO's who just shrug and don't know????

Regards Sam

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