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This is my first time posting. About two months ago i had unprotected oral sex with my girlfriend who had a cold sore. So right after the oral sex i washed with an antibacterial hand soap vigorously. Later that night I took a shower and washed the penis head more. Two days later, the opening to the penis became red and inflamed. By the way, my partner and I have only slept with eachother and we always use protection. I got the blood test done for herpes I and II and they came back negative. I also got tested for gonnahrea, syphallis,etc, and they all came back negative. During the past two months I have been using joy dishsoap on the head of the penis and I noticed small bumps and redness. The irritation only seems to be on the head, but it does not itch. I have been using hydrocortisone to get rid of the bumps but it doesn't help. The area only becomes red with my pant rub on it. I did quit using the soap a few weeks ago. My question is, could the harsh soap becausing the inflammed tip and bumps. What could stop this. Any reply will be helpful. Thank you so much!!

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