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My semen volume is about 1/4 - 1/3 of what it was before I got prostatitis. I just had an intimate evening with my lady freind and pulled out to finish the job by hand at the last second and the results were very dissapointing and my prostrate felt like it was still plump and ready to burst. Yes, the sex felt good but there was no "releif" afterward like you might feel after you took a good pee. I'm picturing the semen just swooshing around in the prostrate and vesicles rather than actually shooting out like it's supposed to. Does this sound about right?.

Ok big question here. How many days (roughly) does it take for your ejaculate volume to return to normal levels?. I've been on Cipro for 3 days and have non-bacterial prostatitis (at least they found no bacteria in my urine). It drives me nuts because it's like there's a bunch of gunk up in there just wanting to burst out and it can't. Sort of like having a full bladder but you can't go to the bathroom.
Thank's for the numerous responses. I can't even begin to tell you people how much I appreciate the help I'm getting here. It's comforting to be able to talk to you people as I try to get through this thing. Even theraputic.

Well, I ended up in the ER today and they sent me to their "care unit". The doctor was a freindly jewish gentleman who's father was a watchmaker. He was extremely thorough and such a stickler for detail that he was dissecting every minute detail I gave him and then he'd break it down even further and start going over everything I'd ever said, done, taken, every test, on and on it went. Heck, he was even drawing diagrams while he was talking to me. While I found his obscessive attention to every single detail somewhat unusual, I also found it refreshing that he would spend so much time trying to help me when most doctors rarely spend 2 minutes with you.

Anyway, he did a prostate exam and said that it was not swollen but that many patients have prostatitis with no obvious signs of enlargement. He also did a urinalysis and a penil swab where they stick a Q-tip like thing down your shaft. Both of these tests came back normal as well which really suprized me because I was in tremendous pain (and still am). I explained to him that in addition to the severe pain, I was also VERY concerned about my lack of semen to which he suggested that perhaps I was experiencing retrograde ejaculation. I told him that I did'nt see any semen in my urine and he said that I would only be able to see it under a microscope. I told him that I should at least be able to see cloudy white or stringy stuff and he said no I would'nt. I then asked him if perhaps my seminal vesicles were blocked and he said "that's rediculous" and I still can't figure out why he said that because I have read that your seminal vesicles CAN become blocked and cause a decrease in ejaculate. Finally, he suggested that maybe I was masturbating too much and I needed to give my prostate and vesicles time to build up semen again. I told him that I have gone several days without masturbating but that the amount of semen was still very low and that I knew something was not normal. He finally referred me to a urologist but I don't have very high hopes for this either because I'm scared to death I'll just get blown off because I don't have very good insurance and most doctors don't like to do lots of tests. They just guess at what you have and then tell you to come back in a month if your still having problems. I could have a panic attack over this because who do you turn to if the ER, urologist, GP, etc can't/won't do anything for you?. I guess you just go home and suffer.

I never knew prostatitis could be so painful. I mean the level of pain is just insane and masturbating only seems to make things worse.

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