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Re: Foreskin
Oct 6, 2004
This is hard to answer quickly and I don't have much time. Circumcision is a traumatic thing to go through. Even people who really like the results sometimes say that it was not easy. It removes about 15 square inches (round about 40 sq cms) of skin that has a unique ability to stretch and glide on itself. This skin is sexual tissue and full of sensitive nerves. The foreskin's gliding action can act almost like an extra lubricant during sex and masturbation. In fact all males either use what foreskin they have left to masturbate with or they use a lubricant. Some men are cut so tightly that they have to use lube.
I have read lots of posts from men who have been circumcised as adults. Most of them complain of sensitivity discomfort after the operation. Some say this goes away in a month or two but find it very uncomfortable until it does. Some also complain of swelling that does not go down for months. Some are happy with the eventual result while others are not.
The length of time you last during sex has more to do with what's going on in your head and your level of sexual experience that with the circumcision status of your penis. Nearly all men who have had little or no sexual experience get very excited when it actually happens (I know I did and I am cut) and ejaculate very quickly. They are so excited though that they can usually get a second or even third erection and last a little longer then.
Some people like the look of the circumcised penis with its glans visible all the time. Others find the natural penis without the obvious scar on the shaft more appealing. I have seen lots of posts from guys worrying about how girls would react to their intact penis and heaps of posts from guys who found out, when they tried it, that girls liked their penis just the way it was. See this recent thread and I am sure I saw another one with lots of positive comments from girls about intact penises. Many women can't tell whether a penis is circumcised or not. Some surveys of married women found that they wrongly reported the circumcision status of their husbands, so I wouldn't worry too much about girls reactions.
All of the problems you are having are because your foreskin is a bit tight. You can usually cure this by stretching and the chances are that this will be as quick or quicker than the healing period you would go through with a circumcision. Please read my stretching instructions and try it. You should be able to pull your foreskin back easily when erect or flacid. Being able to go half way back with an erection means you only have a mild case and not a lot of stretching to do. Once it moves easily you can remove the build up of smegma that is causing the smell and retract when urinating to prevent urine getting under the foreskin. I wouldn't use urine to clean out under the foreskin as that will cause rather than cure odours. Once you are able to retract easily you will need to work on desensitising the head by touching it more so that it gets less and less painful and eventually feels good. See my instructions for hints on how to do this.
Hope this helps and feel free to ask more questions (but I will be way all next week in the bush)

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