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Hey Caliguy. You say that, every time you pull back your foreskin, it is sensitive. I think you mean that the penis head is sensitive to touch, right? If you are not going to use a condom, make sure your partner is well lubricated before your penis enters the vagina. As well as helping to ensure safe sex, a condom would make your penis head less sensitive.

Usually, in uncircumcised guys, the painful or burning feeling of touching the penis head goes away with regular cleaning of the penis head. You should be pulling back your foreskin every time you shower (which should be at least once a day) and washing that whole area. I use a mild soap, lather up well, and rinse off all the soap thoroughly. I leave my foreskin retracted until I get out of the shower and dry the penis head and foreskin with a towel. Some guys get an inflamed or irritated foreskin from soap, so it's ok to use just water and your fingers.
Feels good!!! After awhile, the head will not be so sensitive,the more you use it. I am uncut and I think I can feel alot more friction. good luck and enjoy!!! My wife says she love the feel inside her, she can feel the foreskin moving in side and it turns her on.

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