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sure, sex is possible without ever retracting your foreskin. there are men who live their whole lives, without ever retracting.
there is a sticky at the top of the Men's Health board, instructing men on how to stretch their foreskins to retract. I believe sex and masturbation will be a *lot* more pleasurable for you. if you decide to go that way, here's how:
see if you can fit your little fingers into the foreskin opening. if you can, gently pull them apart, as far as you can, for as long as you can. do this several times a day. in six to eight weeks, you should be able to retract painlessly. if not, pull your foreskin away from your body, and hold it there. do this often. after a while, it will loosen from the glans (head) a bit. pull on it from the outside, stretching the opening, gently. after doing this for a while, you should be able to get your little fingers in.
remember to be easy about it. if you do it until it hurts, you will be setting yourself back, and perhaps causing scarring. it's only skin, and skin *always* stretches.
if these techniques don't work, and they do, better than 99% of the time, see your doctor. he/she can prescribe betamethasone cream. you apply it to the outside, and it loosens the tight frenar band which is preventing you from retracting.
good luck. it is well worth the effort. a whole new world of sensual experience is awaiting you.

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