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I'm uncircumsized and want to know the correct official way to put on a condom for uncircumsized men. There's a few different descriptions I hear/read. Some say you are supposed to pull back your foreskin before you put the condom on and that's it. Some say you pull back your foreskin to put the condom on, but once it's around the head you push your foreskin forward so it has the freedom to move back and forth. Some descriptions mention putting a drop of lubricant on the inside of the condom, some descriptions have no mention of lubricant at all.

What's the deal?
I'm uncut and had the most success when fully retracting my foreskin, then putting the condom on. This allows more pleasure and your foreskin won't bunch up too bad inside the condom that way. Also, its easier to put it on. Not sure about this lube inside the condom, never tried that nor do I see a reason. Be sure to use water based lubes though...otherwise your condom may break because oil based lubes cause that!
I am uncut and have used a lot of condoms. Pull the foreskin all the way back and then put the condom on. If the foreskin slides back over the head you will not feel as much because you will have the foreskin between the head and the condom. A drop of lub inside the condom may make it slide better on the head, but if you used a lubricated condom there will be no problem.

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