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[QUOTE=dbhubbs]Thanks Ron, I think you're right. I have been worried about his health. If arteries are clogged up in his penis, what about his heart?

As far as "taking care" of himself before sex so it will last longer, we've been together 16 years total, married 11 years. Yes, when we first started dating I think that's what he did. I really don't think that's what he's doing now, because sometimes I catch him off-guard, so he wouldn't have time to.

I think something is wrong, and his mind is now in the mix, worrying about whether or not it's going to stay hard. I feel for him, but, I also feel for me!

Also, his penis isn't as large as it used to be, really. How can it be smaller now? It used to be so big around, in girth, and longer. Even with the Cialis it isn't back to it's past proportions. It's not just me, I know I've had two kids, but my hands and mouth definitely haven't changed any.
*** Never mention this to him. You have discovered aging. (Get some reading glasses.) I hope you are not going to be a Cougar in a few years. :jester: Maybe his testosterone levels are a bit low? ***

Also, it bends at the base, even when it's hard. Is that normal? We have to be careful about our angles, or we really hit it wrong and it bends and we both get hurt.
***You are not alone. You know exactly where to rub and that bends
him.. I guess this happens when you are sitting on top.
I am sure he likes the view, but it is grinding to the member from the south.
Why not stop trying for the perfect simultaneous "O" and try the doggie position while you use your hand on yourself? That way. you are in control and when you are done he can play all he wants without guilt about leaving you unsatisfied That is what they do in the movies. ***

And if it's not so hard, which is most of the time, I have to move in a certain way to get leverage so it works right - I don't know how to describe it, but it's got a swivel base, okay? It's always been that way.
***There is a tendon that supports it from below and keeps it pointing upward... I wonder if he has been hanging weights on it as suggested in some magazines, loosening the support. Does he have any anxiety or depression problems? ***

We used a rubber ring at the base of his penis once, but, it didn't really help with the hardness much. With it in my hand I could feel the blood squishing around in his penis, and veins were popping out on it, it didn't look right and I was afraid we were damaging his penis.
***Prolonged repeated use could cause damage or clotting. I would not do it. ***

He wouldn't let me take it off though, but I never offered to use it again.
***I guess it was a very different and confining feeling so he just wanted to ride with the new saddle 'til the next town.***

I'm worried about him.
***Have you tried dressing up in something different.. like a librarian with those reading glasses or an airline hostess? Men are simple creatures and
visual stimulation can be very effective. Just don't wear those outfits when you go shopping... you cougar! :bouncing: unless that also excites him..
He will probably want to go grocery shopping more than ever... Grrr

You can probably get something very 70'ish and cheap at the Goodwill, Value Village or Salvation Army recycling stores. One of those Jackie Kennedy pilbox hats can be flattering too, if you can't find a tunic.

I better stop before I get excited... Oops!! Too late! :nono: ***


Personally I would be talking to him about this. It doesn't seem like a totally serious problem but it's obvious you both have some things you'd like to sort out. Maybe he's stressed and he just needs someone to initiate a talk with him?
How fit/healthy is he? I'm not sure but it could be a cause of the erection problems if he isn't doing his part to stay fit and healthy.
I imagine the fact of you both knowing something might go wrong during sex adds to either tension of anxiety and this could also be a vicious cycle causing him to lose them, try alot of mutual foreplay and maybe some nice candles or music, really set a relaxing mood - even get the massage oils out!
Hope this helps!

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