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Let me put it like this... I am about 6.5 inches in length. When Im extremely aroused I probably add on about 1 extra inch to my erection. I never really measuerd my penis when i was really aroused. But anyways.. My girlfriend has also told me the same thing.. But she basically jokes around.. There will be a lot of people telling you size doesnt matter, and its all about the motion in the ocean.. But then again, everybody knows that all women are different.. [B]Some[/B] women like it fast, [B]some[/B] like it slow. [B]Some[/B] want to be on top and [B]some [/B]want to be on the bottom. [B]Some[/B] like it short fast stroking [B]Some[/B] like long slow stroking. [B]Some[/B] dont think about anything but giving you an orgasm and others just want one.[B]Some[/B] dont like it too deep and [B]some[/B] like it deep.. My girl likes it deep. They [B]all[/B] want good sex. Most men have insecurities about their penis. Just like most women have insecurities about their breasts. Most men have about just a little bit over 5 inches of penis. Which is enough to please [B]some[/B] women. The thing is the men that 1. dont meet the requirments or 2. think they dont meet the requirements. I honestly think I dont meet the requirements. I would most certainly like to add extra length to my penis. Why would i want to add extra length. It could be because im not satisfied with my size or because I would like to give my girlfriend what she wants. Deeper penetrations. When a women either tells or reminds you that you dont meet her requirements, that hurts badly. It can cause you to go through extreme measures to please her, pills, weights, risky surgery. Just like if you tell a girl she has small breasts shell look to either toilet paper, breast enlargment pills or breast implants. What your wife told you was cold. Imagine telling your wife that her breasts were not big and perky enough for you. She would probably be torn. My girl friend ounce told me i wasnt long enough for her. I never took it to the head though because we basically love each other and have a clear understanding that well be together with each other for ever until death does us apart even if i was castrated. But if it troubles you that bad, Id find some way of telling her that she hurt my feelings. Every man has differnet methods. Ex. Honey, remember what you said to me the other day? That hurt. Other then that, there are methods of increasing your size. But they take forever. Surgery is very risky. You can lose your ability to gain an erection or your penis can become disfigured; scarring or lumps at the base of your penis. Weights and Milking take forever. Pills to my sources dont work. Pumps to my sources get you off. But if i were to practice any of these methods id go with the milking method. I hope ive helped you out.

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