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About 7 months ago my girlfriend gave me oral sex and she had a cold sore. I freaked out thinking that I would get herpes so I started washing my penis with a harsh soap. After a couple of days of this I noticed that the tip of my penis was red and inflammed and had a burning sensation. I went in and got tested for std's even though we have only slept with eachother and have always wore a condom. All tests came back negative including the herpes test. I went to the doctor and he said it was contact dermatits( an irritant from the soap). The tip of my penis is still red and sometimes inflammed and on the head there are little red bumps. Does this sound like a bacteria or a fungal infection. I know for sure that it is not an std. I know that if your skin dries out bacteria can then enter. If anyone has any info please help me so I can get on with my life instead of worrying about this. Thank you

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