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Hey everone!

I feel as if I repeat myself or as if I worry too much..but something is bothering me. I'm not circumsized and when I get an erection I can pull back the foreskin but it doesn't stay pulled often rolls back up...I only started pulling back my foreskin while I had an erection recently. It bothers me that it rolls back it normal? I talked to my doc about sex and pushing back the foreskin and he told me that its ok for it to be a little tight at first and over time it should loosen up...but as I said I probably worry too much! And there must be other postings about foreskin in this forums...but I didn't want to check. Another thing is when I pull it back when erected it doesn't go all the way underneath the glans...i have to push it back a little further so it stays. When I am not erected I can easily push it back and forth without effort (not that its really difficult when I'm erected but its a little bit more tight) ... Could this affect me during sexual intercourse? Is this normal? Should I worry about this or no? Anyone as the same thing?

Another this is that when I try pulling it back when fully erect it hurtsa little as in being too tight...Will I be able to have sex? I have heard that its normal to be this way...and that the first time you have sex it might hurt and that it might tear and bleed but that after it would heal and I'd be this normal? is this accurate? I ask alot of questions but this is bothering me. I'm 19years old and I'd like to know what to do...I've read the stretching sticky though...

and lastly Is it ok not to pull back your foreskin when you put on a condom when having sex? I've never tried it, I'm still virgin but I wanted to know if it were ok if I didn't pull back the foreskin and just put on the condom and then have sex?

I want to have sex, but I'm nervous about that whole foreskin issue! Is it normal? Is my penis normal? Should I worry and will I be able to have sex with my girlfriend? Thx!

btw...sorry if I repeat myself!

You are pretty normal but a little stretching will make things a bit easier and more comfortable for you. See my stretching instructions at the top of the mens health board and get back with any questions.
You can put on a condom with the foreskin forward but you may not feel much that way. It's better to stretch till it's comfortable then, after a few weeks, you should be able to retract before putting a condom on. A drop of water-based lube (other sorts may damage the condom) on your glans or inside that part of the condom may make this more comfortable for you.

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