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Re: Having sex?
Jan 5, 2005
[QUOTE=lil jhon]im uncircumncised and still a virgin, i jus wanted 2 kno if any uncurcumcised guys in here have had sex? does it hurt? cuz when i pull my foreskin back alot it starts 2 hurt. also does the head get ripped up because its sensitive? :confused:[/QUOTE]


The fact that you're uncircumcized certainly shouldn't mean that having sex for the first time is going to hurt, unless there's some actual problem with your penis or foreskin. For a girl, the first time can hurt, but for a guy, it should be all pleasure. You say "When I pull my foreskin back a lot it starts to hurt..." Are you speaking of masturbating for a long time at a given time, pulling your foreskin back [and forth?] a lot? Or do you mean it starts to hurt if you pull the skin all the way back just once? Does it hurt because the skin is too tight? If so, someone will probably be responding here with some advice about how to stretch the skin, which may well take care of the problem. Since my foreskin has always been loose, I won't try to give advice on that point. As for the head getting "ripped up because its sensitive" (ouch!) I'm not sure what you mean by that. What the head should feel is pleasure, not pain! It's SUPPOSED to be sensitive! :-)

When an uncut guy has sex wearing a condom, as you certainly should when you do it, I think most of us retract the foreskin before unrolling the condom down the shaft. In my case, the foreskin then stays retracted throughout the act, with the penis head staying completely uncovered inside the condom. It does not move back & forth inside the foreskin, tho some guys say theirs does. When I pull out after ejaculating, the skin is still back behind the rim, with the head still completely exposed. If you put out a lot of precum, as I do, your penis head will be very lubricated and slippery inside the condom. If you don't produce precum, it would probably be a good idea to put some lubricant inside the "head" end of the condom before putting it on. (Saliva works fine if you don't want to deal with the commercial ones.)Having a lot of lubrication takes care of a lot of situations in sex.

Of course if you've got reason to think there's a physical problem with your penis that might cause the experience to be painful, and the stretching business doesn't take care of it, you should talk with a doctor. It's hard for people to fully understand your situation "by remote control" on a discussion board like this, though you can pick up some useful--and sometimes contradictory--ideas to consider.

And I might add, it would be useful if you commented more directly regarding your masturbating experience.... are you generally able to deal with the problem you've mentioned, and enjoy the act, and experience orgasm, as often as you want? Do you maybe do it so often that it might contribute to the hurting or soreness? Clarifying this would be helpful.
Re: Having sex?
Jan 5, 2005
my foreskin is loose, im just saying when u pull the foreskin back and put the condom on, and than start 2 have "sex" with the forskin still pulled back, will the head be ripped up ?
Re: Having sex?
Jan 5, 2005
[QUOTE=lil jhon]my foreskin is loose, im just saying when u pull the foreskin back and put the condom on, and than start 2 have "sex" with the forskin still pulled back, will the head be ripped up ?[/QUOTE]

Speaking from my own experience, and what I'm sure is the normal case with most uncut guys, the answer is No--there is no kind of discomfort or "ripping up" (ouch! again at the thought!) of any part of the head during any kind of sexual activity--masturbating or intercourse.

I guess what you're thinking about is the little "string" or narrow piece of skin on the underside of the head, that connects part of the foreskin with the tip of the head. (It's called the frenulum.) I understand that on some guys this piece of skin is skimpy--not long enough or stretchy enough--and when the penis itself is erect and stretched out, this bit of skin becomes too tight and can cause some discomfort when the guy is either masturbating or having intercourse. Apparently in extreme cases there can be some "tearing" to some extent or another to this little bit of skin, especially if the guy is very "vigorous" or even rough in his stroking or thrusting. But this is the exception to the rule. I can't predict what will happen with you in this regard when you do "have sex" for the first time, except to say that you should pretty well be able to determine that by how tight your "frenulum" is when you masturbate. I'm still not sure exactly what the hurt is that you mention in your first post. But I repeat, having a lot of lubrication is important, and if you don't put out your own natural lube (precum) when you're aroused, then you should put some inside the condom, so that your head is "bathed" in a slippery fluid the entire time of your sex act. Saliva is very similar to precum as regards its consistency and slipperiness, and of course there's a number of "bottled" or "tubed" lubricants available in a pharmacy--no prescription required.

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