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[QUOTE=Renn]Unless there was some physical "malfunction" due to illness or maybe some kind of medication side-effects, I could never have an orgasm and not ejaculate unless, possibly, I had had 4 or 5 orgasms one right after another, in an hour or two, which has never happened and probably couldn't, because I'm not "programmed" for that degree of repeated climaxes. I've heard or read of men "training themselves" to climax with ejaculating, but I don't know how authentic those references were--and I don't know why that would be important enough for anybody to take the trouble to train themselves in that direction, even if it IS possible. What's wrong with ejaculating??[/QUOTE]

I'm a woman who's always had multiple orgasms during sexual encounters. I had a long term relationship with an ex who wondered why I could have so many orgasms while he was limited to one. So "what's wrong with ejaculating" is that if a man ejaculates when he has his first orgasm, it prohibits him from experiencing more than one orgasm. My ex read "the Multi-Orgasmic Man" (an excellent book, by the way) and trained himself to have multiple orgasms before ejaculating. That allowed him to have about 4-6 full-fledged orgasms without ejaculating and thus ending that particular sexual session. We were both much happier and more satisfied once he had mastered that technique, and since then I have recommended this book to several male friends who have also experienced very pleasurable results.

I feel really sorry for men who assume there's no advantage to having an orgasm without ejaculating when ejaculating guarantees that they won't be able to continue having sex and therefore eliminates any chance of further satisfaction. So, trust me--it's DEFINITELY worth the "trouble to train" a man to orgasm without ejaculating--it will increase both his and his partner's pleasure IMMENSELY! It's really not that difficult given some time and practice, which will pay off big time during every future sexual encounter. Thinking outside the box, keeping an open mind, being willing to experiment, and questioning conventional assumptions about sex not only make someone a great lover, but can also multiply sexual pleasure for both participants. I guarantee anyone who puts effort into learning the ancient techiques in the Multi-Orgasmic Ma n will never again have anything less than mindblowing sex, nor will he ever have trouble thrilling his partner and getting her to come back for more and more sex :D .

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