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Dear Ian,
I'm the one who wrote the instructions at the top of this board. They are written from experience helping people on this and other boards, not from personal experience. All the advice that Lance has given you sounds spot on to me. It sounds like you have a mild case of tight foreskin and have been lucky enough to stretch your foreskin during intercourse without major damage but at the cost of a little pain. The sensitivity you are experiencing is normal and would be even more intense if you "have it removed". As Lance says exposing it to stimulation is the way to gradually get it used to touch and turn those sensations into pleasurable ones. Do the stretching exercises and the stimulation exercises and you should be fine. In the mean time it might be wise to use a condom during sex to prevent the foreskin being forced back. Pull the foreskin back as far as is comfortable and then put the condom on. A drop of water-based lubricant inside the condom will make its touch more comfortable. It sounds in your second post as if your foreskin has stretched enough to come back fairly easily but you should be using a condom for safe sex and to prevent pregnancy. (Or is she on the pill?) I'd use one at least until the bruising heals. Once your foreskin slides back and forth easily then (when not using a condom) you will find it more comfortable to have the foreskin forward on entry, as the gliding action as the foreskin slides on itself will act like extra lubricant.
In Scotland almost everyone has a foreskin so your penis is the same as most males. You are just a grower rather than a shower. Be proud of your body and relax as Lance says. Your girlfriend obviously likes it. If there is one thing I have learnt that I wish I knew when i was younger, it's that confidence in what I had is what girls like.
None of your questions have been silly and we are glad to help a young man like yourself.
One last thing; I think I remember a young man, experiencing sensitivity problems after sex had stretched his foreskin opening, had somehow developed a fold in his foreskin that was preventing full coverage. He simply grabbed the edges of his foreskin opening and pulled it forward resulting in it returning to more comfortable coverage. It's worth a try. ;)

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