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I would define PE as an inability to stave-off ejaculation until penetration has occured. If you're ejaculating before you have successfully penetrated her vagina -- that's PE. However, that isn't how most people define it. Most people see PE as an inability to stave off ejaculation until their PARTNER is satisfied.

Realistically, in nature, a male that ejaculates in the quickest time possibe after a successful mounting -- is an EFFICIENT breeder. That is a desirable quality in nature. Soooo, if this description fits you -- then you need to stop looking at yourself as abnormal -- that's the first thing you need to do because you are actually right in line with what nature designed.

Now, I realize that we humans are slightly removed from nature in our civilized lives and a certain amount of delay is desirable during intercourse. However, I think a lot of men who ejaculate quickly and with little stimulation are certainly capable of ejaculating AGAIN within a reasonable amount of time. So what is wrong with doing so? It's okay for women to have multiple orgasms -- why not men too? :bouncing:

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