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Hi, 29 year old circumcised male here. On the underside of my penis and just below the head there is a small shallow slit in the skin, smaller than an 1/8 of an inch. I've had it for at least 10 years, possibly all my life. It is subtle you won't notice it unless looking for it. It is like a pouch in that a couple times a year I find I have to "massage" out any dirt or grime which has collected in there (what comes out looks like a tiny sliver of plastic). It never bleeds, and is never discolored, so I never thought anything of it. Anybody else have something like this? Should this concern me? Should I have it looked at?
i don't have this so i can't really help you, but i'd atleast get it looked at if you think it could be somthing bad
Sounds like the remnants of your frenulum. If it's not that it's a skin bridge caused by bad healing at the time of circumcision. Sometimes these are serious but yours does not sound too bad.

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