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I have had prostatitis off and on for more than 30 years. For a urologist to say that prostatitis has no effect on erections is crazy. When my prostate is really infected or irritated, I often have problems having an erection and if really infected ejaculation, except by masturbation, is almost impossible. I have found that the good feeling in the penis has to be greater than the burning and pain in the prostate or there will be no ejaculation.

I have found that once the prostate clears up some that both erections and ejaculations return. I can't believe that a urologist would say that prostatitis has no effect on erections. Obviously he has never had it or he would know better. Good luck. Hope it clears up and never comes back. Prostatitis, once you have it, usually returns periodically. Stay off any carbonated beverages, avoid stress as much as possible, and keep the prostate cleaned out regularly by intercourse or masturbation. Good luck.

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