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Pain and numbness
Apr 23, 2005
thanks for reading.... it's hard to know how to really start this, well i'm 25 and lets just say that i know what a good erection feels like. about 3yrs ago i went to see a urologist because for some reason the head of my penis was sometimes after ejaculation not becoming soft like the rest of it... obviously this scared me! dr. said he had no idea what it could be and not to worry about it, NOT WORRY about it thought he can't be serious. little did i know it would only get worse. one night i had an out of the normal very strong erection, going to bed thinking wow that felt good only to wake up even worse. it felt different as soon as i woke up, it was real tight like it would be if i were cold but hanging longer as if it was only contracting half way in. the tip just behind the head was very numb almost like the inner tissue wasn't connected any more, which made me think about how the head stayed full after erection almost like the end was broken. anyways i can get an erection but it feels like there is a close pin on the tip keeping it from filling up now causing pressure to build up and be painfull. there is a extreme build up of pressure just below were my prostate is ... feels like a bubble you may get if you squeezed of the end of a hose and it has to bulg some were. seen many urologist that say it LOOKS GOOD but believe me it doesen't feel good! if you have ANY insite or suggestions i'd love to hear it.... thank you

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