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Re: Ripped foreskin
Apr 23, 2005
Hey buddy, I'm unut too so I totally understand what you're dealing with here. Its never happened to me, but I have irritated it pretty good in the past. You've slightly torn the frenulum. Happens alot, especially if you're not wearing a condom, a bit "aggressive" in the act or if things aren't really lubricated. Good news is you probably won't need a doc. Bad news is that you're "out of commission" until things heal a bit. Means no masturbation, nothing sexual...sorry. A bit of healing ointment like neosporin or something similar will do the trick. May take a few days for things to heal up and feel better. Until then, be careful with it, keep things clean and keep putting some ointment on it. Next time make sure things are going along well. Again though bud, don't worry too much on this one...its pretty common.

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