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Okay I have a problem that has been reoccuring and I still havent seemed to understand it. I have a circumsized penis. I have also taken the STD test and am negative to any STD's. So now the problem is every so often the skin around my head and right below it where the foreskin is will turn red and get really dry and when this happens it can also get itchy and it is painful to have sex or masterbate in this condition. Well this started happening to me 2 years ago when I was with another partner. After that person I havent had sex much and it hadnt happened for awhile. Recently I am with a new partner and I have been getting oral sex. Well I got 3 blowjobs 3 nights in a row and then all of a sudden after that 3rd time my penis became inflamed and turned red around the penis head and foreskin area. I am not sure if my penis skin is sensitive to friction (maybe teeth are scraping against penis skin) and is drying out or if I have jock itch which is a yeast infection. The reason I am not sure is because when this used to happen to me in the past with my old partner i used lotrimin (jock itch cream) on the penis and it dried out my penis skin ever more. But I only used this for a week and the directions say use for 2 weeks. But after that one week I stopped using it and my penis had time to get rid of the dry skin. During that same time I stopped being with that partner. So it could be that maybe I have developed another yeast infection either from it being dormant for awhile or could I of gotten it from oral sex? I dont know. So my dilemma is that I dont know how to treat this because if its a yeast infection I need to use jock itch cream which will dry out the area more to kill the yeast infection but if my problem is just friction related then I just might need to use lotion on my penis after using it each time to keep the skin soft but lotion is the opposite of the jock itch cream because it keeps the area moist. So my dilemma is that I have two opposite ways to go and I dont really know which problem I really have. How can I tell the difference between jock itch (yeast infection) or just plain dry skin from friction?
You said you would not use an oil based lotion however isn't bag balm oil based since its like vasoline?

I have looked at a bunch of sites on jock itch, and I dont have any red spots in my groin area. The only irritation I have is on my upper shaft near the head. I truly am starting to think its just chaffing from teeth or friction.

I might try that bag balm stuff, sounds interesting. You sure their are no side effects?

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