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I have searched and read through many threads here and gotten some good information but I think if I post my case I may get more exact answers.

Over 2 months ago the underside of my penis got swollen. The skin on the left and right side of the frenulum was swollen. There was no pain, no discharge, nothing but 2 swollen sacks. It wasn't tight swollen I could slightly depress it. I am uncircumsized and it was the skin between the head and the foreskin. My foreskin eventually overtime did not role back over the head of my penis so this area was slightly exposed. It has been like this for a long time and has never been a problem. The swelling went away the next day, came back slightly during the next day, and was fully gone by the 3rd day. I had sex with my gf 2 days before this happened.

Ever since then certain areas of my penis feels very sensitive to clothing. Boxers, briefs, towels.

Decided to see a general doctor about my problem but he provided no help. I called my Uncle who is a doctor and he said to try Cortaid on it. This did little to help the situation only providing a barried between my penis and clothing.

He recommended seeing a Urologist after I explained how annoying the situation was. The Urologist decided it was possibly Chlamidia and put me on Doxycycline. I told my Uncle what the Urologist said and he told me he didn't think he was right given my symptoms and told me not to take the Doxycycline unless I was desperate. I was desperate so I filled the perscription. I have been taking it for a few days but do not notice much difference.

My Uncle did some research trying to decide what had caused the initial swelling. He thought it might have been herpes so told me to get tested. I did and results were negative.

All that said I am now wondering what else to try given that this situation is very annoying.

Is this just the normal sensitive glans of an uncircumsized man? A fungal or yeast infection? This has lasted over 2 months, does it take that long to desensitize? Is this due to the fact that my foreskin has not been retracting over my penis?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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