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Hey man, I can help here. I'm uncut, just a bit over 5.5 inches and no one ever told me anything about my penis or how it would work, how to retract the foreskin, hygiene or anything....learned it all on my own. So here goes....

Yes, your foreskin should glide easily back and forth over the head and onto the shaft while you're having sex. Its fine if is gets "stuck" behind the head, just make sure that it doesn't stay there for along, especially while you're erect as it may be restricting the bloodflow into the glans and that isn't healthy for it.

It is also very common for us to be supersensitive....remember that the head of your penis has remained covered and without direct stimulation for years. You can work with it now...the more you expose it to direct stimulation, touch and such...the less sensitive it'll be. Soon, the head of your penis will be the pleasure center of your penis and you'll love oral sex or anything...and your penis won't lose its erection because of the sensitivity! Try exposing the head and working with it as much as you can. Focus masturbating by rubbing it...using lube will help. Everytime you have the chance, stroke it, rub it or stimulate it...alone, or with her help. Continuing oral sex will help, make sure she does this with your foreskin retracted...the two of you can have fun with this....if she's willing to help. Don't worry man, this is really common!

No need to excuse your naivety about this...we weren't told any of this by anyone, right? And don't give your size another thought...did you know that according to most surveys I've seen we ARE the average adult male size? As long as it works and you're working on, things are fine. Remember that sex takes two people working together to make it really great. It isn't all your responsibility....for it being great or so so! I'll be glad to help more or chat more about the way, I was a virgin longer than you as well, I understand all of this is quite different for us and that our experiences are different than others who started much younger than we are. Hope some of this helps!

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