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It is a penile ultrasound. Done in the doctor's office and completely painless.

The doctor will inject a drug in your penis that forces and erection. After a couple minutes, you will have a good, firm erection. The doctor will apply some jelly to your penis to make the ultrasound work better. He then moves a wand over the penis to determine how well the blood is flowing in, how wel it stays in the chambers and how fast it is flowing out. He gets a report from the machine. In a few minutes, he will repeat the process. He does it 3 or 4 times. He will compare the results to see how well your penis is holding the erection.

As I said, the test is completely painless and not a really big deal. I was a little uncomfortable at first. I am not accostomed to having men handle my penis. The doctor was totally professional and had me comfortable in a few minutes. In between sessions, we just sat back and talked.

There is nothing to worry about with the test.

Hope you get good results. Mine came back that I have a valve problem that prevents blood from staying in the penis and I can't get an erection. I am looking at other ways to solve the problem. Just another complication from being a diabetic.

Good luck,


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