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Spots on penis
Jul 29, 2005
God , this is embarressing , I need help , it may be nothing , like I have been told by 2 doctors and 3 dermitology Doctors , But I need to KNOW .

Here is the deal : :(

I am a 37 year old white male, About the age of 22 , I noticed a " Dark spot " almost like a mole on my penis , it was not a problem , but it bothered me to look at.

The first Doctor I went to , told me it was the start of a [B]venerial Wart [/B] , He froze it off and told me that later in life it would grow to cover my entire penis :eek:

About a year later , another one surfaced , a Doctor at Kaiser told me it was a wart , but it would NOT cover the whole penis , [B]he too froze it off [/B] :eek:

About another year later , I started seeing my skin getting darker in a few places on my penis , [B]I realized then that I could see the texture changing BEFORE it actually turned a dark brown [/B] .......I watched it for a few months and sure enough , it turned into ANOTHER spot that was frozen off .

The Doctor at that time told me that , " He doubted I could see the changes and he saw nothing " .........well , time passed and the area I see has started to grow , I can see on my penis that eventually it will cover at least 3/4 of my whole penis .

I don't have Kaiser anymore , I have Blue Cross so I have to see a Primary Care Doctor and get referrals to Dermotologist , I even saw a Penis Doctor .

They all seem to disagree that I can " SEE " these growths before they surface , but I can .

Another thing is that the last couple of years , My penis is losing it's sensitivity . When I have sex , I feel like I have a condom on , when actually I don't . [B] I feel this during intercourse and Oral [/B] .

[B]The doctors claim that the spotting and the loss of sensation is due to AGE , " Basic wear and tear " [/B]
I don't believe it , [B]the Doctor I saw last says I may have Vitigilo [/B] , But from what I have read , I don't think this is my issue .

I think that very first Doctor was right , yet it has been a long time and I don't know how to find him .

Some one PLEASE fill me in ......Am I going crazy ?

[B]* Is it just age , wear and tear ?

* Or is my penis gonna rott and fall off ?[/B]

Sexually frustrated , embarrassed and going crazy . :dizzy:

Please help ..........Doctors ? .......any other guys know what's up ?

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