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Torn frenulum
Sep 21, 2005
I am 33 male uncircumcised. I have torn my frenulum. I have never
had any problems in the past other than this area getting sore ever
now and then. It didnt appear to be getting any better so I went to
my family doctor today. He said all I could do is let it heal and it
would take a couple of weeks. The pain is bad and at night while
asleep when I get an erection I am woke by the pain.
I am suppose to see a urogolist Thurday. I have read alot about
having the frenulum cut and also about a procedure to lengthen the
I was able to pull the skin back before and it on pulled on the head
when it was fulled pulled back.
I have saw on picture on the internet showing where the fernulum has
been lengthened but can not find a picture of what my penis might
look like if I just get the frenulum cut or snipped.
I dont know what the Urologis is going to say but I really dont want
to go through this pain ever again!!!!
Also a surgeon who is a member at the health club and a friend told
me just to let it heal and if it wasnt beeter in a week in a half or
so come see him....he just mentioned doing a circumcision.
I really dont think I want to be circumcised but I sure want to try
and conveince a doctor to do something more than just let this heal
and have it happen again. I read that after this happens once it is
sure to happen again and that also the scar tissue will make the
frenulum even shorter.


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